Pavilion – Lake Wonderwood Trail Project

Naval Air Station Mayport

Jacksonville, Fla. – June 1, 2016

At Mayport Naval Station, the AFFF donated an additional $24,000 for the construction of a picnic pavilion shelter, complete with tables, picnic grill and trash cans to supplement the previous playground addition that had been provided by the Foundation in November 2015.

This facility will also be part of the Lake Wonderwood Trail Project, a recreational development surrounding the 22-acre man-made lake on the Base. The trail includes a continuous pathway around the lake with a series of pavilions, playgrounds, picnic areas, grill areas, and fitness stations. It benefits over 7,000 sailors and 800+ families that live on Base.

While this project enriches the overall lives of the local Navy families, it provides specific benefits. Those benefits include: supporting the Navy’s health and fitness mission, providing a safe environment to exercise and learn about Florida’s natural systems, and providing diverse opportunities to expand the notion of community. Overall, the Lake Wonderwood Multi-Use Trail promises to be an amenity suited for countless hours of family and community health and recreation for years to come.

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