Soldier and Family Assistance Center Renovation

Camp Blanding Soldier and Family Assistance Center
Jacksonville, FL – May 13, 2013

Camp Blanding received a $40,000 donation to renovate its Soldier and Family Assistance Center. Funds for the donation were raised in local Taco Bell restaurants during the Armed Forces Families Foundation annual “Freedom Bells” fundraiser in an effort to help serve those who serve us. Upgrades include the renovation of multiple areas of the facility including the conference room/office, the kitchen area with all-new appliances, the restroom, a storage area, and the outdoor area of the center. Additionally, the donation provided new carpeting/flooring and paint along with various other infrastructure needs such as plumbing and drywall to enhance the look and the comfort of the facility for all of the military personnel and their families that utilize the center.

Camp Blanding is the training site for all 13,000 Florida National Guard servicemembers and is also the regional training site for other states, as well. The Center is used as destination for Family Days for soldiers and their families before they are deployed combat. The Center holds gatherings, festivities and BBQ’s on a daily basis for the 2,300 soldiers of the 53rd Infantry Brigade as they train and prepare to go to war.

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